Well, we have survived another day. Today while I was in meetings Dan took the boys to the state fair to see the Monster Truck show. After I came back we walked a few blocks to the Super Heroes museum. We had to ask directions 3 times before we finally found it. It was neat….alot of vintage Superman and Batman things. Of course we had to pay twice as much for a set of Batman matchbox cars just because they were from the museum! Dan and Joseph are enjoying the pool right now. I am going to take Zach down in a little while. I have to get all the use I can out of the $5 swim diaper (1 huggies little swimmer) that I had to buy in the hotel gift shop…..I should learn to pack them no matter where we are going! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo and maybe the Children’s Museum. We are taking pictures but with disposable cameras because I forgot the digital. I will post pictures when I get them developed!

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