I was going through our pictures and I saw this picture of the boys with our (former) neighbor, Vernon. We became very close to Vernon after his wife died and he was alone. We would go over and check on him and take him dinner or snacks. He is a very special person and we miss him alot. I love the story about how he met his wife, Betty. He was in the military and she was a waitress at a restaurant where he was eating. They were married within a few weeks of meeting each other and were married for 60 years! The last time I saw Vernon he asked me if I would be offended if he gave me some of Betty’s clothes! I was very honored that when Vernon finally was ready (after 2 years) to let go of some of Betty’s things, he wanted to give them to me! Joseph and Zach loved Vernon, too. Joseph would always watch for his car to pull in his drive way so he could go check on him! Vernon has since moved in with his son (and we are in TN) but we think about him often and hope he is doing well.

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