Peace & Quiet

In an effort to save money by not having to pay a sitter this summer, Dan and I decided that the boys would be little travelers and go back and forth between here and SC with him. At first I thought that it would be great! They get to spend more time with Dan and I would have a little break from having to do everything…, take care of the boys, keep the house clean (which never seems to happen except for the five minutes right after you get finished mopping the kitchen floor)!!, etc……Now that they have been gone for 3 days I realize that this wasn’t such a good idea after all, at least not for me! They are having fun and don’t seem to have any seperation anxiety, but I, on the other hand, am having a hard time! I miss them alot and wish they were here driving me crazy, pulling out every toy they own, spilling stuff on the freshly mopped floor and most of all wanting to cuddle at bedtime! I am sure that I will survive and they will be back this weekend to get my life back to “normal”! Oh, one good thing has happened as a result of them not being here….I cleaned out 2 boxes and a grocery bag full of toys along with a trash bag full of stuffed animals and gave them to the thrift store….Thus giving the “silver lining” to this temporary cloud!

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