Lunch with Friends

When I was home in SC this last weekend we were able to meet Joy, Nate and Henry for lunch at McDonald’s (as all mom’s know, your children get to dictate where you eat)! We had alot of fun….Zach was a wild man and Nate really hit it off with Joseph. I was so excited for Joseph and Zach to get to meet Nate and Henry. Hopefully we will get to do it again soon. Maybe next time Joy and I will have a chance to catch up with each other and not just catch our kids! By-the-way, Joy, we got the ginger bread man and he is the most annoying of the Shrek toys so far…just a warning in case you haven’t gotten him, yet!

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  1. I had a great time with you Christie! I think if we plan on doing any talking we’ll have to leave all those under 5 at home! You’re boys are precious! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day & hopefully you’ll be in SC (or I’ll be in TN) again soon!

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