Two Year Old Words

I waited 7 years between having babies and I don’t regret that at all, but I did forget alot of things about little ones….one thing that I didn’t remember is how cute it is when they finally start to really talk! Zach is at the stage now where he repeats everything that we say. It is SO cute to hear him try and say words! Some of the things that we hear often are: bapple (apple), bape (grape), ue ruck (blue truck…..everything is a blue truck no matter what color it is), ace ar (race car), choochoo ain (choochoo train)…and the list goes on. It is so funny each time he attempts something new….we all stop and laugh and of course ask him to say it again! I will add that the one word that he definitely has down pat is NO! Actually, that and look (ook) I believe were his first words. He is so cute (even if I do say so myself) and we love watching him grow and learn….

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