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What craziness my life has been lately!!! Please, friends, don’t say, “what’s new”…..you have to have at least one crazy friend in this life….it makes things interesting! Well, I’ll start with Washington, DC….that was an interesting trip…..thanks Keyonna and Sandy for driving me around our beautiful capitol without getting me arrested or in a car accident, although the argument with the parking attendant made me a little nervous (HA!HA! I think he had one too many validations that day)…..the metro ride was definitely an experience in city culture…..I really was OK with it until a strange guy plopped down beside me on day 2 and then a group of young teens surrounded me on day 4….I think their primary goal was to see how many curse words they could use in a sentence. So much for minding my own business and keeping to myself….the cab rides were an interesting venture as well…..actually they were uneventful until day 3 when the cab driver kept asking me for directions to where I was going…go figure…..it’s a good thing that I had taken the same ride several days in a row and I knew where I needed to go because he did not have a clue……all in all I had a great visit…..however, I don’t believe I want to ever go to the Cherry Blossom Festival (or whatever it is called) by Wednesday night my allergies were in full swing and by the time I got home I had to stay in bed for two days because I felt so bad…..they were very pretty but did not do me any favors!!!! I am sure that there is alot of other things I am leaving out about my trip….oh, like the walk three blocks too far on my trek to find Feline’s Basement (an upscale Fashion Shack) only to turn around in defeat and see that it was diagonally across from the hotel from wence I came!!!! Seriously, though, I had a great time sight seeing with Keyonna and her friend, my new friend, Sandy….maybe next time I can come and visit without having to go to class all day!!!

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  1. What an adventure! Good to see you blogging again!

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