The Holidays

Well, the holidays are past and I am glad that the hustle and bustle is over but sad that it will be a while before I see everyone again…we started a new tradition this year….we spent the night at my parents house on Christmas Eve…my Mom of course loved that we were there on Christmas morning and that Santa once again visited her house on Christmas Eve! We decided to do this because we didn’t have a tree (or very much furntiure) at our house in Anderson and I thought it would be more fun for the boys if they had decorations! I really had fun running around to all of our family’s houses and I video taped everything this year…Dan got me a video camera for Christmas and I love it! I hope all of you, my friends, had a very Merry Chirstmas and have a Happy New Year (beginning today)! Remember to count your blessings and remember just how good (and gracious) God is to all of us!

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