It is Cold

It is definitely winter in the Great Smokey Mountains!!! last night it was 14 degrees!!!!! and we didn’t even get any snow with it! There were snow flurries all day yesterday teasing us but nothing lasting!! We were in SC for Thanksgiving but we didn’t get to see many people because of the short visit and Christmas will be even shorter. Dan is making plans to move here finally even though it is a slow process…we are thinking of just renting our house in SC house…but the business is the main thing….hopefully it will all work out soon! Zach and Joseph are doing well although they fight alot now (most of them are started by Zach)!!!! Of course they can be mean to each other but no one else better hurt one of them! Joseph is always quick to rescue Zach when he gets in trouble. That’s about all that is going on in Sevierville, TN! We are adjusted and like it very much….everyone remember to come and visit!

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