Nothing Imparticular

I’m really not sure if I spelled imparticular right, but….I probably will not be participating in any spelling bees any time soon!! I am finding that the older I get the more I have to use spell check! Does anyone else have this problem? I’m not sure if it is because I am forgetting how to spell or that I am trying to use words beyond my vocabulary (HA!!). This blog is a little less serious than my last post….(good thing, huh?)…My kids are doing great! Joseph made straight A’s on his first TN report card…he has always been on the A/B Honor Roll but has never gotten straight A’s! I am very proud of him…he does, however, have a small problem with talking…he got an S in “Talks Excessively”….I can only hope that his talking habits are the only problem that he ever has with school! Zachary is Zachary!!!! He is so cute and I think that he knows it….if there was ever a child that tested limits it is Zach!!!! I jokingly say that Dr. James Dobson is going to have to write a book titled, “Zachary, The Strong Willed Child”!! His favorite thing lately is not going to bed…I will put him to bed and he will climb out of bed until he sees me coming for him at which time he jumps back into bed like he is going to go to sleep! And he can never make up his mind with whom he wants to sleep with so there is alot of bedroom hopping!! We start getting ready for bed pretty early so that by the time I actually get him to stay in bed it is not too late! Work is going great and we have been able to do some good things for our owners which means job security for me….as for the other things going on in my life, I do know that God is in control…I do still wish that it was as easy to keep believing and trusting as it is to say that He is in control! Please keep praying for me….Other than those things life is pretty normal (whatever that is)!

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