New Hope Church

We have visited New Hope Church for 2 Wedensday night Bible Studies and 1 Sunday morning Worship Service and so far we like it. Joseph is really enjoying their Children’s ministries and I think that Zachary gets accustomed to the nursery (well, after much crying and screaming when I drop him off) even though Sunday we knocked the gate over when I was trying to put him inside the door!!!! Yikes! we both almost landed flat on our faces. That’s a pretty embarrassing thing to do on your first Sunday visit, but what can you do…things happen! And Zach had a pretty good grip around my neck!!! On Wednesday nights they have a meal before service and we went to that. It was really good. The Pastor is a good teacher and I enjoy listening to him, and the praise and worship is great. They have a great music team, too. This last Sunday was “Friend Day” which was appropriate (I thought) for our first Sunday. They had food after service, games for the kids and prizes. Joseph and Zach both won things! I think that we will keep going there. I do miss my church family in SC, though, and am a little sad as I walk through the church buildings and no familiar faces speak to me or call my name. I know that will come in time, but I hope all you in SC know how much I truely love and miss you!


  1. Hi Christie! What an exciting opportunity you have to get involved in a new church! Go get
    em! You have so much to offer any church. Remember, it’s not what you will get out of the church, but what you can give to it. Right? miss you! Joy

  2. Hello Christine – just want to thank you for being on the net – clicked your site in a search for local church info (yours isn’t, but same name!) and your site and music (rescue) was all very uplifting – and your younger son looks a bit like my littlest – he is two with blond curly locks like yours! 🙂
    Hope this gets through – I’m not blog-experienced!

    PS SOrry – didn’t mean to post annoymously, but not sure how to add it without remembering or creating passwords (my mind is too full right now!)

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