Riding the Four Wheeler

Riding on the 4-wheeler is about all that my boys have in common (well, other than the fact that they are boys)! I always heard that your second child would be completely different than the first, and that made me a little nervous because Joseph was the baby of every mother’s dream! He slept all night pretty much from the time he got here, he never cried and didn’t need constant attention! As he got older, he entertained himself, didn’t open cabinets and get into things…he even left the stairs alone! Of course Zachary proved that the saying was true! He is a child who demands constant attention! He woke every two hours for the first year of his life, wanted to be held, and gets into absolutely everything! One thing is for sure, life is definitely not boring with him! He keeps us all on our toes!!!! Now that he is almost two he has gotten more confident! He thinks that he can beat up Joseph and will often run and jump on him and push him over in the floor. Poor Joseph doesn’t stand a chance. Joseph must have had a preminition about Zach because when I was pregnant he laid alot of ground rules for Zachary (of course none of them held up). He wasn’t going to let the baby play with his toys, cuddle with Mommy or Daddy and he certainly wasn’t going to like him. He actually sold him to my parents for $100. I’m not sure if Joseph decided that he liked Zach and tossed the rules or if Zach just took over and did whatever he wanted. I think that it has been a combination of the two! Even with all of thier differences I love them dearly and they have certainly made my life more enjoyable and interesting!


  1. Christie, Welcome to the blogging world! It looks like you’ve gotten the hang of it! I love your blogspot, it’s nice to see what is happening in your life. When will your family join you in TN? Your boys are adorable & I know that will be the best of friends (and sometimes biggest enemies). Keep blogging!

  2. Happy belated birthday Christie. I will be celebrating mine tomorrow on the 19th.
    We miss you at church. We have had wonderful services lately.
    Good luck on your job.


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