My Birthday

My birthday was Sunday (9/10) and I was a little sad that no one I knew (and that cared about it being my birthday) was here to help me celebrate. I cried to my friend Sonya that I was mad at my husband because he didn’t come up that day! Our kids were in SC with him and I was meeting him in Franklin to pick them up. I know that he has had a lot on him lately….it is hard to support two households and a business (I don’t get my first paycheck until 9/20!) But still it was my birthday…don’t I have a right to feel a little sulky???? So after I cried to Sonya and then felt sorry for myself all the way to Franklin, Dan surprised me with three cards. One from him that was really sweet, one from my boys (Joseph and Zach) and one from my friends at church. He had bought a card and then took it to church and had my friends sign it. Any of you that know him will know that that took a lot of effort for him. Needless to say I felt bad about being upset after that. It was a reminder that I should try to be more thankful and to not always think the worst (like he forgot my birthday). Then my friend Rhonda “sang” Happy Birthday to me through an email. She said for me to imagine her singing it! I am so blessed to have so many friends and people that care about me. I am going to try to start celebrating everyday more instead of saving it all for the special occasions. I may put a stop to birthdays soon anyway! What is the age that we stop celebrating???? Sometime before 40 for sure. Maybe I will just embrace getting older although sometimes while I’m driving around I feel like I should be just running errands for my mom and have a curfew!!!

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