Our New Home

We have been in our new home for almost a week, and I have finally unpacked everything! One thing that I have learned (I actually have always known it but have been in denial) is that my children have entirely too many toys!!! Maybe I should have spent more money buying stock in ToysRus and Wal-Mart, and less money in the actual stores. Our move was pretty uneventfull. Well, other than our dryer being hooked up wrong and me getting a good shock when I touched it and the breaker box at the same time! So I called our friend, Kent, who came over and fixed it. I miss my friends and family. It’s alot different than having them right down the street. I know God has alot more friends for me to find and that they will be, in a sense, my family, too. There is a church that we are going to visit Sunday. It’s called New Hope Church. I met some of the people from the church at their thrift store where I was looking for a micorwave. They were really nice. I did find a microwave, although I think it must be one of the first ones ever made because it is HUGE! But it was only $20 and works great. Maybe I will decide to go retro with my decorating theme so my microwave won’t look out of place!

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